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Brionna Masomere

Listennn! The vibe at Urban Seductress is everything! You NEVER take the same class twice! It's fun, encouraging, and you can feel free to just find beauty and freedom in your movement! Highly recommend the class!


Cera Santisteven

I’m so glad my friend got me into these dance classes! The studio is so dope, it’s not expensive, all the girls have so much and the teacher is amazing! Renesha made me feel so comfortable and inspires all of us to feel sexy and empowered no matter how much experience you have! I have been recommending this class to multiple friends


Daphne Rose

Renesha is an AWESOME dance instructor, my friends/family had a blast doing the Sexy will now be part of our monthly girls nights. If you never tried a dance class...TRY Sexy Heels, guaranteed fun and a good work out. -Daphne Rose


Erin Fraizer

Renesha did a fabulous job instructing my fiancé and dad for our upcoming wedding! She creates a fun and relaxing atmosphere while giving clear and easy instructions for beginners. I will refer any upcoming brides to Renesha for dance lessons!


Kanjai Rhodes

Best class ever! 2thumbs up. I felt very sexy. I'm a plus size lady she teaches moves for all shapes and sizes.


Rena Fenderson

We went to an Urban Seductress class for a bachelorette party and had so much fun! From my best friend to her older cousin and sister in laws and even her mom and aunty we all had a great time and left feeling ourselves that night. this class is great for everyone and definitely boosts your confidence. Renesha takes the time to really have fun and teach you step by step

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