Covid Guidelines

Health and Safety Protocol

Cleaning and sanitizing ALL surfaces:

  • Floors, Mirrors, light switches, door handles, and EVERYTHING that anyone has been in contact with.

  • Sanitizing before and after, each class. We are using a products specifically designed for use against COVID -19. Our products do not have harsh fumes, they contain no ammonias, chlorines, alcohols, oxidizers, dyes, fragrances, or glutaraldehydes.

  • We will also have hand sanitizer ready to dispense at the entrance and in the dance room. Because we do not yet have an automatic dispenser the teacher will be the one to dispense it into the dancers hand. 

Studio Integration Policy -

Drop off policy: our goal is to minimize bodies in the studio.​

  • Every dancer will have their temperature checked with an infared thermometer as they enter the building.

  • There will be a digital check in for all classes.

Studio Protocol:

  • Social distancing spots will be placed in the lobby/hallway, dance rooms, and outside the entrance.

  • All dance bags, shoes, etc will be placed on the shelves in the dance rooms. No dance bags will be allowed in the hallway area. 

  • Dancers will not be allowed to congregate in the hallway, we will have specific rules on how to enter and exit each dance room. 

  • Dancers will need to wear masks at all times. If you do not have a mask we will have some available at the studio. 

  • Our studio is now a NO-CONTACT studio, we will no longer be accepting cash payments unless they are exact amount. We have a no contact card reader where we can take card payments.

  • Please try to use the restroom prior to your class and we understand this may be impossible.

  • Please let us know if you want to go to the restroom so we can sanitize or let you out and in safely. Be aware of touching your face, phone, and other surfaces.

Dancers need to bring:

  • Their own personal masks

  • Personal towel

  • Personal water bottle (preferably large), we will not be allowing dancers to use the water fountain

  • Only shoes needed for that day/specific classes

  • Do not bring big dance bags, we want to minimize outside items in the studio.

Things that we request of YOU: 

*IF YOU FEEL SICK or have been in contact with anyone who is sick, please CANCEL your class appointment. We promise to do the same. 

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