Meet Renesha Berry


I am a 34 year old mother of two who loves dance, scary movies and warm brownies. I have a passion for motivating others and especially teaching women! I am obsessed with learning about different people and cultures and I am the most happy when I can dress up and share my energy! I love to love and nothing makes me more happy than to spread joy. Being a mother is one of my super powers! Growing personally, being an entrepreneur, all while navigating motherhood as a single woman has been one of my greatest successes! I'll continue to pursue myself in efforts to become the best version. As I do that, I intend to carry that into my parenting and my teachings! I am blessed and grateful to move and have a vision.

A Dreamer

 I am a professional choreographer and dance instructor. I want to share a quick story with you....


About 6 years ago, while I was pregnant with my second child, I was brainstorming about my dream dance class. I wanted to create not only a class, but a brand that embodied everything about my personality and skill.  Something that allowed me to empower women and teach dance my way. Urban Seductress was born! I can teach my urban freestyle movement in a way that can build confidence in women.  Yessssss! I found a way to turn something that this is all about me and made it all about you! And I love it!


As I continue to meet hundreds of different women in the Denver area, my vision for what I want to do and offer continues to expand. I have soo much more to share and I will continue to uplift, empower and shine light on every woman who crosses my path! I believe that if every woman knew her true power, we could set this world on fire!