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My mission is to ignite the fire within every woman, that is her inner Urban Seductress™ by providing a fun and nonjudgmental self-movement experience.


This unique heels class allows women to feel free to be themselves and realize their power by owning their sexy truth! 

The Urban Seductress™ is that alter-ego that is unapologetically herself, commands every room she enters and can take over the world!


She is in every woman... in fact, she is YOU!



“A woman that can see herself, knows no bounds!”-Renesha Berry

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What they're saying!

Molly Kostka,35

Denver, Colorado

"Urban Seductress class is the highlight of my week. It's so much fun to put on a cute outfit and spend an hour dancing! Renesha provides such a welcoming atmosphere and does a great job fostering confidence and friendships with the women in the class. She helps you to discover your inner goddess in a fun way, and helps you to change your mindset on what you think you are capable of doing. It's also a great workout! The longer you attend class, the more you start to discover your inner and outer beauty. Thanks Renesha!" -Molly

Qiosha Smith,24

Denver, Colorado

"Urban Seductress is a non-judgmental class and a confidence booster! Every class is a different and exciting experience. Its really moving!  You'll learn something new about yourself, maybe something you didn't know you had!"


Beneranda Trujillo,30

Denver, Colorado

"Renesha's class makes me feel so sexy and confident! My friends and I love coming as a big group and letting our hair down. Its the perfect way to unwind from a long week and a great start to ladies night! I recommend her class to every woman. Just come and try it and you'll love it like I do!"- Bennie

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